A denture serves as a removable replacement for missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. Divided into two main types, complete and partial dentures cater to different dental needs. Complete dentures come into play when all the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth are still intact.

Complete Dentures

They come in two forms: “conventional” and “immediate.” Conventional dentures are crafted after the removal of teeth, allowing the gum tissue to heal before being placed in the mouth, typically eight to 12 weeks later. Immediate dentures, on the other hand, are pre-made and can be fitted as soon as the teeth are removed, sparing the wearer the discomfort of going without teeth during the healing phase. However, they require more adjustments to fit properly due to bone and gum shrinkage during the healing period.

Partial Dentures

These are designed to replace several missing teeth, while full dentures can replace an entire arch of missing teeth. They can be secured by attaching to dental implants surgically placed in the jawbone, although this method is more costly than traditional complete dentures.

With proper care and maintenance, dentures typically last seven to 10 years. Initially, wearing dentures may feel unfamiliar, affecting speech and eating. Caution is advised when wearing dentures, as they may reduce sensitivity to hot foods and liquids. Over time, adjustments or replacement may be necessary as the mouth changes. It is crucial to keep dentures clean to prevent stains, bad breath, or swollen gums. Daily brushing with a denture care product and nightly removal for cleaning are recommended.

Dentures not only restore a smile and improve eating and speaking abilities but also enhance facial appearance and profile. They can be customised to closely resemble natural teeth, maintaining the wearer’s appearance. Immediate dentures are inserted on the same day as the teeth removal, with potential adjustments needed during the healing period. Additionally, dental implants provide a permanent alternative to dentures, replacing both the roots and teeth.


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