Night Splints

The occlusal night splint, also referred to as a night guard, is a personalised hard plastic device crafted to safeguard natural teeth, crowns, and implants from the wear and cracking caused by clenching and grinding habits (bruxism). In addition to this, it aims to alleviate muscle tension and painful joint symptoms. Typically worn at night, some individuals may require daytime usage if experiencing acute discomfort. Tailored to fit the patient’s teeth using a chewing simulator, the splint is custom-made to ensure a proper fit by a technician. It’s crucial to note that the splint should not be worn while eating.

We often recommend occlusal splints to address bruxism, a sleep disorder characterised by teeth grinding. They are designed to manage teeth grinding, restore damaged teeth, provide pain relief, and prevent further damage to the teeth. These splints are effective in reducing tension, decreasing muscle activity, and preventing the harmful effects caused by bruxism and temporomandibular disorders (TMDs). They also help protect natural enamel from the threats of night grinding and clenching, particularly during stressful periods.

There are various types of occlusal splints, including hard dental splints and soft dental splints, both of which have been shown to improve symptoms in patients with myofacial pain dysfunction (MPD) or internal derangement of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The duration of treatment varies according to the type of therapy and the rate of recovery, aiming to prevent involuntary parafunctional motor activities such as bruxism and clenching. While it’s generally recommended that patients wear splints only at night, those who struggle to manage their habits while awake may need to wear the splint during the day.

Custom-fitted to match the shape of your teeth, occlusal splints come in different types designed to separate teeth, limit jaw movement, and relax the muscles.


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